Woman Starts Skating On Frozen Lake, But Watch Stunning Moment The Camera Zooms Out

For most people, skating as a hobby usually involves buying a pair pf skates and going ice skating a few times a year, usually around Christmas time where more opportunities to skate arise.
But for 3-time Bronze Medalist and Olympic Alternate Elizabeth Putna who now skates strictly out of passion, the best way to enjoy this hobby is in the middle of nature. Getting to watch her skate on a frozen lake in the gorgeous mountains of British Columbia is downright breathtaking.
Every move is flawlessly executed! She actually looks like she is floating on ice. But although she makes it seem easy, it’s anything but that. Ice skating with this kind of grace and precious requires not only a huge amount of talent but also a lot of time spent training to perfect the choreography.
The pristine beauty of the Canadian wilderness combined with Elizabeth’s incredible performance and passion for this art-form turns this into one of the most gorgeous displays of talent to be captured on video.
If you are an ice skating fan, this is a clip you’ll want to watch over and over again. So take a look and don’t forget to share as well.

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