Mom Calls Pizza Hut to Order Dinner, Takes 1 Look at Delivery Man’s Face & Bursts into Tears

Being away from those you love for extended periods of time is extremely difficult, and no one knows this better than the courageous men and women who are deployed in some of the most dangerous parts of the world to serve and protect the ideals that make this country great.
It’s the case of Sergeant Ross Hobbs of Missouri who hadn’t seen his family for almost an entire year. So when he got the news that he will be able to go home to see his mom after all that time, he knew he wanted to do something special.
So he conspired with his sister back home to surprise their mom with him coming home in a way she never anticipated. You see, the man dressed up as a pizza guy and waited for his sister’s confirmation that the plan was in motion.
All there was left to do from then on was to convince mom to get pizza for dinner. Instead of the regular pizza guy delivery, Ross showed up, and the look on his mom’s face when she realizes her boy has come home is just priceless.
Needless to say, this was one pizza delivery that she will always remember!

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