Blind Rescue Dog Didn’t Like Other Dogs Until He Met This Blind Puppy

Alyson agreed to foster a blind 3.5-pound American bully puppy named Levi for a few weeks. She fell in love with him within a few hours of bringing him home and decided to adopt him.

Alyson immediately began to look up ways to train blind puppies so Levi would have the best life. She taught him to respond to her snaps, which helped him to navigate his surroundings. The only thing he hadn’t gotten used to were the stairs, so Alyson carried him to bed every night.

Things were going smoothly until one day Alyson got a call from a rescue asking her if she would adopt another blind bully puppy. Levi didn’t get along with other dogs, so Alyson was hesitant. However, she decided to give it a try.

The new puppy, named Luna, was a little older than Levi and had been through a lot in her short life. She was shy and scared at first, but Levi was patient with her and helped her to feel safe.

Over time, Levi and Luna became best friends. They played together, cuddled together, and even slept together in the same bed. Alyson was so happy that she had decided to adopt Luna.

The two puppies brought so much joy into Alyson’s life. She was grateful that she had been able to give them a loving home

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