Father in Coma Doesn’t Respond to Paramedics, but Gives a Sign When He ‘Meets’ His Dog

In Italy last month, Giovanni was out walking his dog, Nancy, when he had a heart attack. The paramedics tried to resuscitate him, but Giovanni, 73, went into a coma at the hospital. Nancy stood by helplessly. Giovanni’s condition was not improving. He was in the ICU.

Giovanni’s daughter, Deborah, was there for him. She soon learned that the hospital would allow pets to come visit. Deborah brought Nancy to the hospital, and the dog was allowed to see Giovanni.

As soon as Nancy saw Giovanni, she started wagging her tail. She licked his face and nuzzled him. Giovanni opened his eyes and smiled. He was so happy to see Nancy.

The dog’s visit had a positive effect on Giovanni’s condition. He started to improve, and he was eventually able to come home. He and Nancy were reunited, and they were both very happy.

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