A typical work day, as illustrated by babies

Babies have many wonderful qualities, but one of the best things about them has to be their unique way of seeing the world. Everything looks different seen through the eyes of the baby.
Most likely inspired by baby’s one-of-a-king way of perceiving things in their world, someone had the brilliant idea to illustrate a typical work day by using excerpts of baby videos and memes– and the result is going viral.
It’s no surprise that the clip managed to gather thousands of shares and likes. After all, it checks many of the boxes of a successful, viral clip. First of all, it has lots and lots of cute babies doing adorable things in it. Also, it’s totally relatable and compiles experiences that will seem very familiar to you.
Last but not least; it’s downright hilarious! Who knew babies who haven’t work a day in their lives can relate to how we are feeling every day at work, right? Watch this super meme compilation and get ready to laugh a lot.
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