Moments Before Take-Off, Passengers Notice Tarmac Worker’s Odd Antics & Start Recording

I bet that most of you reading this would agree that airports are no fun. People are always in a hurry, there are lines everywhere and there’s that lingering fear of having to get into what’s basically a metal can that flies hundreds of feet above land. Not to mention that everything with alcohol is super expensive.
Luckily, though, there are also dedicated employees who go well beyond their call of duty to ensure that travelers are as comfortable as possible and maybe even get to enjoy the time they spend in airports.
The man in the video below is one of them; for sure. His odd antics as the plane was about to take off have turned him into an Internet sensation pretty much overnight – and it’s really no surprise why.
Country music singer and songwriter Terry McBride was aboard the plane and managed to capture the tarmac worker’s awesome moves on video. Later, Terry posted the clip on one of his social media accounts with a caption that read “This guy rocks.”
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