Young Woman Makes Disastrous Beauty Mistake. Sobbing as She Reveals New Look

For many women, their hair is that something that makes them feel more feminine, more beautiful and more confident. Such was the case Hannah Forcier, a beauty-lover and YouTube blogger with an appetite for new beauty trends and tips.
Hannah wasn’t afraid to experiment with her hair, so she constantly tried new products and treatments that promised to help her get the desired look.
That’s how Hannah decided to try a chemical relaxer treatment for curly hair that was meant to help her get straight, sleek hair without her having to use a hot straightener on her hair. Hannah followed the instructions on the packaging precisely and allowed the chemical relaxer to sit on her hair for the indicated amount of time.
But when she went into the shower to rinse the product out of her hair, she noticed that large chunks of her hair were simply falling off. As you can imagine, Hannah had a panic attack and called her roommate.
Unfortunately, there was nothing anyone could do, and Hannah ended up having to cut off all of her hair. The lesson we should all learn from her horrific experience is to always read the label and inform ourselves before we use a product.

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