Traffic Reporter’s Brilliant Parody of ‘Let It Go’ Has The Internet Rolling in Laughter

There is no denying the fact that winter comes with a particular set of challenges for drivers. In addition to getting special gear for the winter, drivers also need to keep a close eye on the weather forecast for any unexpected turns of the weather or special announcements they need to be aware of.
Usually, these reports are pretty bland. But not the one shown in the video below! This awesome traffic reporter decided to surprise his viewers with an outside-the-box way of explaining them why it’s not a good idea to drive in bad weather.
Instead of just reading words off a prompter, he actually sang a parody of Idina Menzel’s hit song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen, and it’s definitely something that is going to make you laugh out loud.
Bob Herzog is a man well-known for his unique way of approaching the news on set. In fact, many viewers tune in to see what Bob has come up with next and watch his attics live. Well, we don’t know what his ratings are, but the use of humor definitely makes listening to traffic news more interesting, don’t you think?
You need to see this!

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