He Hasn’t Cut His Hair in 20 Years, Wife Quickly Learns Truth He’s Been Hiding Underneath

Having a full head of hair is considered to be a sign of beauty, but in the case of the man in the video below, his long hair was anything but flattering. The man has been sporting the same hairstyle for more than two decades now, so he was in pretty serious need of a change.
Encouraged by his wife, the man finally decided to give up on his long hair and try something new. With the help of a team of hairstylists, the man turned from bland dad to actor chic in a matter of hours and now looks like an entirely different man.
No one in the audience at the Racheal Ray show where the transformation was revealed could believe that it was the same man. But the one who was most excited was his life partner. The woman was shocked by the man’s new, modern look that made him appear at least ten years younger.
Curios to see the before and after? Then make sure to check out the video below and watch until the end. It will seriously make you want to consider booking an appointment to get a new haircut. This is awesome!

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