Young Boy Secretly Slips Note to Cop. He Reads Message and Quickly Jumps Up from His Seat

It’s easy to look at everything bad going on in the world right now, and feel small and insignificant; like there is nothing you can do to make a real difference for the better. But the truth is that we can all do small things to contribute to change.
Just look at the incredible boy in the video below. He is only five years old but can already be called an inspiration. The boy has big plans to make the world a better place, and he started doing so in the best place: his own community.
The boy recently made headlines after having saved up his entire allowance for seven months straight to reward the police officers serving his community. The boy treated the fine men and women who keep the streets safe to a nice lunch and made sure to thank them for all the work they do.
And this is just the beginning. The boy has big plans to continue his string of random acts of kindness to reward worthy people in the community. And judging by his determination so far, he has all chances of carrying all of his goals through. Everybody needs to see this, so please take a second to share!

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