Tiny Ballerina Follows Mommy Onstage, Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Her Feet

Up to a certain age, all children look up to their parents, and the adorable little girl in the video below makes no exception. Her mom whose name is Bree Hafen is a talented dancer who’s always had a passion for dancing and performing in front of other people.
However, being a single mom of two young children meant that her dream of becoming a professional dancer has always come second in life.
So despite her innate talent and burning passion for this art form, Bree stayed focus on raising her children and offering them the best possible education.
Still, Bree always felt that there was something missing from her life. And with her kids being a bit older now, Bree decided to finally share her talent with the world and audition for the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance.”
The woman’s performance left the judges as well as all the people watching her from the audience in awe. But her biggest fans are still her children. In fact, Bree’s little girl loved seeing her mom perform so much that she quickly followed her on stage and gave a small performance herself.
You can watch it in the video below!

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