At 8-years-old, she was called a ‘child genius.’ 7 years later, her art is breathtaking

Most parents like to hang their children’s drawings and painting up on the fridge, some even take the time to frame them. In their parents’ eyes, all kids are great artists. But in the case of the young lady in the video below, that’s actually true.
Autumn de Forest was only eight years old when producers of a show that aired on the Discovery Channel named her a “artistic genius.” What’s more, she was deemed an “advanced child prodigy” by Dr. Joanne Ruthsatz, who is an authority figure in the studies of prodigies.
Autumn has earned worldwide recognition thanks to her extraordinary abilities as a painter. Now, at 15 years old, she feels more inspired than ever. Her art has evolved alongside her, and her paintings are now exposed in the most famous art galleries in the world.
Autumn started painting when she was only five years old, but although she’s spent so much doing this, she says she always finds new sources of inspiration everywhere. Autumn currently lives in Las Vegas with her mom and dad, and she paints pretty much every day.
Watch the video below to see Autumn get her paint on and hear what inspires her to dream big.

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