Young Child Walks Up To Counter. Hands Note To Cashier That Leaves Him Gasping

A simple act of kindness captured on video is going viral – and it’s all for the right reasons.
Travis Sattler is a young employee at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Katy, Texas. The job allows him to save for nursing school and also gives him the chance to make his customers’ day better by serving them delicious shakes and burgers with a smile on his face.
Travis is always patient and kind with his clients, but what he did for a young boy takes things to the next level. It all started after the boy approached his counter and asked for a frozen custard treat. When it was time to pay, the boy realized that he was a couple of dollars short.
But instead of sending the boy away and refusing to serve him, Travis reached into his pocket and paid the difference with his own money.
As it was time to leave the restaurant, the boy came to his counter again. But this time, he was holding a note. Inside, was a $100 bill.
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