Police officer rescues pit bull chained in snow and turns her into a ‘first’ for the force

Pit Bulls have a bad rep of being an inherently aggressive and violent breed of dogs. Unfortunately, the ones that suffer the most as a result of this misconceptions are the Pit Bulls.
According to recent statistics showcased by BarkPost, “Of all the common dog types to appear in shelters, pit bulls are by far the most likely to be euthanized.”
People avoid adopting Pit Bull because they think they might lash out unexpectedly and put someone in the family at risk.
In reality, though, Pit Bulls can be just as loving and gentle as other breeds of dogs which are typically considered to be more “family-friendly.” And the video below that tells the story of one very special Pit Bull proves it.
Kiah is one of the first Pit Bulls to become a K9 Officer, and she is changing her breed’s image with every day she is out helping her fellow human officers fight crime.
The dog was rescued from abusive conditions and trained to be a K9 officer. Now, she is proud to be part of the Poughkeepsie Police Department. What’s more, she also serves as a breed ambassador.
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