Police Find Sad Golden Lost On the Beach, Then They Notice His Massive Lump

Dogs often rely on their human guardians for food, water, shelter and healthcare, but they are worthy of much more. All dogs deserve someone who treats them with kindness and love, and who can make sure they are heathy and happy.
Needless to say, not all dogs get what they deserve.
The Golden Retriever in the images below was wandering in the sand at Newport Beach, California when someone in the Police Department happened to see him walking aimlessly.
The dog seemed to be in discomfort, and there was no owner in sight. When they took a better look at the dog, the police officers noticed the poor dog had a massive tumor on his body that was making it hard for him to even walk.
The dog’s situation was critical, so the officers decided to take the dog to the Newport Beach Animal Hospital. The pup even got a name: Henry!
Henry was taken into surgery to have the tumor removed soon after rescuers took him to the hospital. After a complicated surgery, Henry was finally tumor-free. The massive lump weight no less than 49 pounds, which means Henry was carrying the weight of a toddler on his body all this time.
After doing some investigations, police officers found out Henry was actually abandoned by his owners most likely because they didn’t want to have to deal with having the dog’s medical problem solved.
Without medical intervention, Henry’s tumor kept on growing until he was lucky to be found wandering on the beach.
Fortunately, the beautiful Golden Retriever made a full recovery and now has a new chance at a happy life.

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