Woman Arrested After Hiding Thousands of Children in Coffins, Then Her Dark Secret Emerges

Not all heroes wear capes or get to be included in history books as they would deserve. Some heroes are actually hidden from popular history, and their stories are never made public. But every once in a while, one of these incredible stories get out and when they do, chances are there’s important lessons to be learned there.
What Irena Sendler’s incredible life story can teach us is that there’s always something each and every one of us can and should do to help those in need.
The woman was born Warsaw, Poland on February 15, 1910. Her father died when she was only 7-years-old, but she was taught from a very early age that helping others brings fulfilment and happiness. But what she would later do help others beats any Hollywood script.
You see, Irena grew up watching her father who was a doctor treat countless patients with kindness and knowledge. Inspired by her dad’s work and driven by her own desire to help others, Irena decided to pursue a career in medicine.
After completing her training, Irena was sent to one of the worst areas for Jewish families during World War II, namely the Warsaw Ghetto.
Here, Irena encountered the kind of sufferance that she never imagined even existed. Seeing hungry and sick people being severely mistreated, she couldn’t just do nothing. During her stay there, Irena passed out food and medicine to help the people, although she was putting her own safety at risk by doing so. But she still felt she needed to do more.
So she joined an underground resistance organization called “Zegota.” The organization’s goal was to help as many entrapped Jews sneak out from the ghettos before they were taken into the death camps.
Being secretly a part of this organization and using her certificate as a nurse, Irena managed to snuck out Jewish children by telling the guards the kids were either extremely ill with just a few days left, or even dead. To fool the guards, the kids were sometimes put into coffins and pretended to be dead.
Over the years, this incredible woman is thought to have helped save thousands of Jewish children from certain death.

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