Photographer captures stunning photos of Maine Coons like you’ve never seen them before

Whether you love cats or you are more of a dog person, there’s no denying there’s something royal and majestic about cats. I don’t know if it’s because of their sometimes arrogant attitude or because of their elegant grace with which they do pretty much anything, but felines have something special that is extremely difficult to replicate.
And when it comes to majestic cats, Main Coons are the undoubted superstars. Queen Maria Antoinette and Harry Potter were both the proud friends of a Main Coon cat.
The main Coon is the largest breed of domesticated cats. Looking at them, it’s pretty clear these cats are bigger than regular cats – a lot bigger. They also have the largest whiskers ever recorded, and some of the biggest personalities out there.
But despite their large stature, these cats are actually pretty gentle. They love to cuddle and are quite playful in nature. Originally breed for their talents to catch mouse, their loving nature as well as their kind disposition make them great companions.
The Main Coon is now one of the most popular breed in America, and anybody would be fortunate to have one of these amazing cats as a pet.
All in all, the Main Coons are big cats in every way possible. From their size to their personality, there’s nothing ordinary about them. In this case, bigger is definitely better. But if you still don’t understand what’s made so many people fall in love with these cats, the pictures below will surely help you get it.
Check out these gorgeous Main Coons as photographed by talented Robert Sijka.

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