Mom Simply Said, “Go to Bed.” Twins’ Response Caught Even Her Off Guard

It’s a common fact that babies sleep a lot during the first years of life, so it would seem that putting a baby to sleep would be pretty simple. But as any parent would tell you, getting a baby to go to bed at certain hours it’s anything but that.
And when you have twins, it’s two times more challenging. But some parents just get lucky, and the mom in the video below is definitely one of them. She has two of most well-behaved children in the world. In their home, bedtime is not a frustrating time of the day when mom has to chase them all over the house to get them to go to bed.
That’s because the two boys actually have a well put together routine that they willingly stick to every single night. Seeing them go through their bedtime routine without as much as complaining about it once takes cuteness to a whole new level.
If you’ve ever tried to put a toddler to bed, then you know just how rare it is for kids not try and fight it, and you’ll be able to truly appreciate what is going on the video below.

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