‘Mad’ Drug Addict Screams at Woman On Street – Then She Recognizes His Face

When we’re young, we think that we’re going to stay friends with our childhood buddies forever. But as we grow older and we all go our separate ways, we realize that it’s not always possible to keep in touch with everyone.
We all become different people and develop different interests, so it’s only natural to grow apart from our childhood friends. But that doesn’t mean we don’t think about them every once in a while, and about what has become of them.
The woman in the video below was casually walking down the street when someone unexpectedly called her by her name. When she turned around, she saw a homeless man with dirty clothes and hair. At first, she thought he was a mad person and that the name thing was only a coincidence.
But when she took a closer look, she realized the homeless man was actually someone she knew well a while back. He was one of her friends and one of the brightest boys in class. As soon as she remembered who he used to be, the woman knew she had to do something to help him gain his life back.
Here’s what happened next:

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