Mom Breaks the News He’s Going to Be a Big Brother. His Comeback Lights Up the Internet

Chances are you’ve seen countless videos of children being given the news that they’re going to be big brothers and big sisters by now, but this one is quite probably one of the best ones yet.
The clip shows 5-year-old Ethan getting the big news that he is going to have a baby brother or sister and his reaction is both endearing and hilarious. It’s obvious by his reaction that the boy is planning to take his role as a big brother extremely serious.
But he wants to make sure that his mom is not joking with him and that he really is going to have a baby brother or sister soon. “I hope you’re not joking,” said Ethan looking straight into his mother’s eyes.
With a huge smile in his face, the boy can barely contain his excitement when mom hands him two sonogram pictures meant to prove that she really is pregnant.
The boy’s precious reaction has already brought joy to millions of people from across the world, so if you need something to put a smile on your face, this is the clip for you!
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