Massive Waves Come Hurling Toward Cruise Ship, Passenger’s Captured Footage Goes Viral

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about being aboard a cruise ship?
If you’re anything like me, you probably already envision yourself relaxing on the deck with a glass of vine in your hand, staring at the endless stretch of sea, as you gaze out into the vast, color-soaked sky.
That sure sounds nice, but it’s not always smooth sailing when you are aboard a cruise ship. Sometimes, instead of relaxing and having fun, you get to realize just how dangerous and powerful nature can be.
It’s what a group of passengers aboard the Anthem Of The Sea experienced, and the footage taken from inside the ship is likely to make your palms sweat. The clip shows vast amounts of water breaking against the windows of the ship, and it’s just as terrifying as it sounds.
With waves crashing more than 30 feet high and 120 MPH winds, it’s safe to say it was one day at sea that no one on that ship will be able to forget anytime soon.
Luckily, though, no one was injured and everyone on ship got to dry land safely. How would you have reacted if you found yourself on a ship at sea facing this kind of weather?

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