Man Writes Song For His Baby Son, Howie So Moved He Can Barely Speak

As a parent, the absolute worst thing that can happen to you is losing your child. There are no words to express what you feel inside when you know you’ll never be able to hold your child in your arms or watch them grow up.
Unfortunately, the man in the video below named Johnny experienced the loss of a child, and instead of trying to deal with his pain with words, he decided the best way to try and manage all the excruciating turmoil inside of him was through music.

Music was always his greatest source of comfort, and after losing his child, music became a refuge where he could be with himself and deal with the sorrow. The man even wrote a song as a way to cope with the loss of his son on his fifth birthday to cancer of the lymph nodes.

Entitled “Dad’s Love,” the song is full of powerful lyrics that speak about one message he always tried to pass forward to his son, and that is that no matter how hard things get, it’s important to always seen the joy that exists in the world. It’s this song that Johnny decided to sing for his audition at “America’s Got Talent.”
Watch his performance that received a standing ovation from the judges here:

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