Strangers Help Elderly Man into His Seat. Wife Leans Over and Whispers 6 Words That Makes Them Cry

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced rhythm of everyday life and forget that a small act of kindness done for a stranger can make a huge difference and make the world just a little bit better. A simple gesture done out of kindness costs us nothing but it can be worth enormously for someone who needs it.

You never know how those small acts will impact people around you, and in some cases, they make all the difference. It’s something Lauren Hinkston Hintzsche and her husband learned firsthand while they were in the bleachers of a Chicago Cubs play-off game.

The couple was already comfortably sitting in their seats at the Chicago Cubs game on October 10th when they noticed an elderly couple who was having a hard time finding their seats. The couple usually had season tickets behind the plate, and they were now struggling to navigate the bleachers. Luckily, two men stepped in to help them down to stairs to sit in their seats.

It’s a simple gesture, but to the man struggling to move through the crowded bleachers, it meant the world. Learn more about this story that went viral this week by watching the video below.

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