Man Sports Same Rock Look for Decades, Then Is Given Makeover That Has Everyone Freaking Out

You know this: appearance is not the most important. But that doesn’t mean that the way we look doesn’t influence how others see us and the way we feel about yourself, especially in today’s society where so much emphasis is put on appearance.
But we all lead busy lives, and sometimes, our priorities change and we end up not taking as much care of ourselves as we should. It’s easy to get too comfortable with a certain hairstyle, and never change it.
But change is necessary from time to time, and the man in the video below was long due for one. The man had the same hairstyle for most of his life and was sporting the same long hair since he was a teenage boy.
He knew the hairstyle no longer flattered him, but he always dreaded change and found it difficult to let go of something that reminded him so much of his youth. But with his wedding day quickly approaching, he finally agreed to try a new look.
And the change is stunning. He doesn’t even look like the same person anymore. I just love a good make-over, don’t you?

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