Mom Struggles Calming Autistic Son During Haircut, Until Barber’s Act Immediately Gets Huge Support

Getting a haircut can be a pretty anxiety-inducing experience for a lot of young children, but for the boy in the video below, going to get a haircut is particularly hard.
Wyatt is six years old and suffers from autism. He doesn’t always feel comfortable meeting new people and experiencing new sensations his never encountered before. The boy was long due for a haircut, but his mom postponed the moment for as long as possible because she was worried about how the boy would react.
You see, people who have Autism are often hyposensitive and hypersensitive. In other words, they are over-sensitive to certain things and under-sensitive to others. So Wyatt’s mom’s concern was understandable.
But thankfully, she was lucky enough to come across a barber who knew exactly how to deal with kids like Wyatt. Instead of forcing the kid to do and sit like he said, he went ahead and adjusted the way he worked so that the boy would feel as comfortable as possible.
“”I understood that with Wyatt I have to follow him around the salon with my tools to finish the cut,” later explained the barber in an interview.
At one point, he even got down on the ground and cut Wyatt’s hair from there. Mom managed to snap a picture showing this touching moment and posted it online to show her appreciation.
Now, Wyatt is a lot less anxious whenever he goes to get a haircut, and he even became friends with the barber. You can learn more about this story by watching the video below.

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