After Losing Twins, Mom Gets Son a Gift. But When He Looks in Box, Even She Didn’t See This Coming

Welcoming a baby into the family is a joyful event that brings excitement amongst all member of the family. However, sometimes, tragedy strikes, and infants die before they’ve had a chance to meet the family that has been waiting for their arrival for nine months straight.
It’s always a tragedy when a baby dies before they are even properly welcomed into this world, but as sad as it is, it happens. The family in the video below had to experience double the tragedy after mom lost the twins she was pregnant with.
The event was devastating for all members of the family, but those who were most affected were, of course, the parents and their only son who was looking forward towards meeting his siblings. Knowing how much the loss affected the boy, mom decided to break the exciting news that she was pregnant again in a special way.
The way she did was by offering the boy an unexpected gift that contained the big news.
The entire moment when the boy realizes his dream of becoming a big brother will finally come true was captured on video and it will most likely bring tears to your eyes.

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