Police Warning People About a Frightening New Crime Called ‘Sliding’ Happening at Gas Stations

During this time of the year, many of us are travelling home or to a new vacation destination. And if you are using your car to travel, you’ll obviously have to stop at gas stations, which can get pretty crowded around the holidays.
And while your mind might wonder to all the gifts you’ll receive and all the delicious food you’ll eat, it’s also essential to stay alert and vigilant of your surroundings, because thieves don’t take holiday vacations. If anything, they take advantage of the fact that people are likely to be distracted during this time of the year.
And now a new method employed by thieves targeting gas station is on the rise throughout the country. The tactic known as “sliding” involves the car pulling right next to the car the thieves are targeting. While the victim is busy pumping gas, the thief slides between cars with the purpose of stealing any type of belongings they can find in sight, including purses, laptops and phones.
By the time the victim realizes what has happened, the thief has already taken off.
Stay safe this Christmas and help others do the same by sharing this clip with others. It’s important that this information reaches as many people as possible.

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