Navy Man Begins Singing Haunting Version of “O Holy Night,” Within Seconds Puts Tears in Everyone’s Eyes

It’s the holiday season, and all the major artists we know and love are coming out with some type of Christmas songs. And those are definitely great, but how would you like to hear our brave men and women in the United States Navy perform their own renditions of famous Christmas songs?
As it turns out, there are a lot of talented singers and musicians amongst the courageous men and women in the Navy and the singers in the video below are definitely within this group. They are all proud to be a part of The United States Navy Band, one of the most highly-praised and musical groups within the Armed Forces.
The group has a tradition of being on top of their ranking ever since it was created all the way back in 1916. The 16-member band from the USS Kansas was instructed to join the 17-member band from the famed Presidential Yacht, The Mayflower. The result represented the birth of what would become one of the most popular Armed Forces bands in American history.
Below, you can listen to them perform an incredible rendition of “Oh Holy Night,” and it’s a performance that is so beautiful that it’s likely to bring tears to your eyes.

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