Jimmy Asks Celine to Impersonate Michael Jackson, Has to Stop The Show When She Starts To Dance

If you are a fan of late night shows, then you surely know who Jimmy Fallon is. And one of the things Jimmy is known for is his ability to take celebrities out of their comfort zone and make them do things that are totally out of the ordinary for them.
“Wheel of Musical Impression” where guests have to sing a song that’s randomly matched with an artist by the famed wheel is a great example of games that lead to epic performances. Celine Dion was one of the latest celebrities to say Yes to this challenge, and the result is hugely entertaining.
We all knew Celine Dion has a great singing voice and that she puts a lot of energy into every single one of her performances, but we never knew she is such a great impersonator as well. Her impression of Michael Jackson was so well played that it even surprised Jimmy Fallon.
Not only were her vocals spot on, but her dance was pretty awesome as well. If you are a Celine Dion fan, this is only going to make you love her as an artist even more.
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