7 Yrs After Rescuing Lioness, He Sees Her Again. She Pounces In Jaw-Dropping Reunion.

Generally speaking, if a human would see a lion and there was no partition glass between them, that human would be running away from the lion as fast as she or he could. Not the man in the video below, though.
He is running towards the lioness, but here’s the catch. The wild animal is actually his friend. Kevin Richardson and Amy the lioness share a very special connection. Kevin spent years building a relationship of mutual trust and respect with Amy and her sister.
The two were abandoned by their mom as cubs, and Kevin stepped in to save them. He took them to an animal sanctuary where they received the care and attention they needed.
Amy and her sister were never released back into the wild. That’s because Kevin knew that they wouldn’t be safe out there. The video below shows Amy and her sister roaming around their preserve, enjoying the nature and the beautiful environment.
Also, you’ll get a glimpse into Amy and Kevin’s incredible bond and see them interact in an amazing way. If we wouldn’t know any better, we would think Amy’s a pet and not a fierce lioness that could kill a grown man with just one move.

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