Man Scales Hole Towards “Helpless” Kitty—But Guy Filming Loses It When Cat Reacts

Cats are notoriously independent creatures, and if you ask me, we actually need them more than they need us. Cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves in any situation. Even so, when you see a cat whom you think needs help, you stop and help her, right?
That’s exactly what the man in the video below did when he saw a kitty who seemed to be stuck down the bottom of a deep hole. The man thought the kitten couldn’t get out on her own, so he grabbed a latter and decided to go down the hole and rescue the poor animal.
But he was in for a surprise! As he got closer to the kitty on the button of the hole, the kitten channeled her inner ninja, and in just two seconds, managed to get out of the hole by scaling the pit’s walls.
The man’s friend who was filming the “rescue” operation burst into laughter seeing the cat’s reaction and how much she appreciates the man’s efforts to save her. Cats don’t need us. They sometimes pretend to need us so that they can get their ways.
You may not like cats, but you have to respect them for their cleverness, right?

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