Here’s A List of Gas Companies to Avoid If You Want to Stop Funding the Middle East

We all need to buy gas if we want to get around using our cars. There’s a gas station pretty much anywhere you look, and most of us typically decide which gas station to buy gas from by taking the price aspect into consideration.
But it’s important that we are more aware of the things that go on before that gas actually gets at a gas station and into the gas tank of our cars. Us the consumers are the ones who enable certain things to happen just by making a purchase. Without our money, companies would run out of business. It’s something all of us need to be more aware of. We have the power.
That being said, it’s not only important how much gas costs, it’s also important that you know where that gas comes from. One man decided to take matters into his own hand and do some research to find out where does the gas at some of the most popular has stations in the country come from.
Here’s a list of the companies that he discovered import oil from the Middle East:
Shell: 205,742,000 barrels
Chevron/Texaco: 144,332,000 barrels
Exxon /Mobil: 130,082,000 barrels
Marathon/Speedway: 117,740,000 barrels
Amoco: 62,231,000 barrels


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