Jackie Evancho Takes the Stage with II Volo – Leaves Everyone Breathless With Beloved Christmas Hit

Get ready because you are in for a musical treat!
Classical music singer Jackie Evancho teamed up with Italian super group Il Volo to perform a rendition of a Christmas classic hit – Little Drummer Boy – and the result is sure to make you want to grab a box of tissues as soon as possible.
First released in 1958, Little Drummer Boy is one of the most-covered songs of all times. There are hundreds of renditions of this song, but we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard it like this before. This version of the song somehow manages to make it sound even more special, and it’s all thanks to the emotional performance of these talented singers.
Hundreds of artists have done renditions of this song before them, but none manages to even come close to their performance. The way their voices come together is truly one of a kind.
There’s no way they won’t amaze you with the beauty of their harmony. I don’t know about you, but I could listen to them all night! Definitely a video you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family, especially during this time of the year.


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