Dog Falls into Canal and Starts to Drown, Until Group of Dolphins Saves Him in Incredible Manner

The Internet is filled with incredible stories that highlight animals’ kindness and their willingness to help one another, but this takes things to a whole new level.
It all started after a Doberman fell into the canal on Marco Island, Florida. With no human around to rescue him and the dog being too weakened to get himself out from the water, it seemed like there was no way out for him.
Luckily, someone did notice that the poor dog was in desperate need of help and came to his rescue. As unbelievable as this may sound, a group of dolphins swam close to him and were looking for a way to help.
Dolphins obviously don’t have any arms or legs that would allow them to get the dog out of the water and back to safety. However, they were smart enough to know that by making enough noise, they would gain someone’s attention. And that’s exactly what happened.
Someone who lived close by to where the incident took place heard all the commotion and went to investigate. Not soon after that, the dog was out of the water thanks to his new friends.
Can you believe this?

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