Dog Runs Up to Dad On Sled, His Next Move Has Family Cracking Up in Laughter

If you’ve ever had a dog as a pet, then you know how much canines are like people. They like to sit down on the coach and do nothing, they like a good cuddle session and going on car rides as often as they can.
And if the video below is any indication of the truth, they love going sleigh riding as well. This sweet pup wanted to join his owner on the sleigh and take a ride down a snowy hill, and his dad came up with the perfect way to let him take part in this fun activity.
As he got ready to go down the hill, the man put the dog on his shoulders and down they went! What’s most impressive about this clip, though, is the dog’s reaction. Not only was the dog completely comfortable riding on the sleigh this way, but he actually had the time of his life.
Take a look at this adorable Daddy-Doggy sledding by hitting the Play button. And if you’ve got any friends who are big dog lovers, and chances are you do, make sure to share this with them as well.
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