Dad Grabs Camera When Introducing Newborn Baby To Pup. Captured Footage Has Internet In Laughter

There are many questions and concerns new parents have when the moment comes to introduce their newborn baby to their dog for the first time. Will the dog be jealous of the new baby? Will it try to harm the little human because of it? These are just two of the questions going through the minds of parents.
The most important thing to mention here is that dogs are extremely in sync with their owners. That means that they pick up on things long before you expect them to. So by the time the baby is born, pets already know something is up. The situation won’t be completely new to them.
However, in most cases, there’s an adjustment period when the dog gets used to the fact that there’s a tiny human getting most of the attention now. It’s essential that owners do a good job controlling the first interaction between the newborn baby and their pet.
If you want a demonstration of what that looks like, just watch the video below to see how these parents approached the situation.
You’ll most likely learn a few tricks. And, as a bonus, this is the most adorable thing ever. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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