Mom Can’t Reach 8-Month-Old Baby Caught In Fire With Puppy, Firefighters Reveal What They Find

What should have been a quiet, relaxing night in the family turned into a nightmare when an unexpected fire broke out, engulfing the entire home in flames and toxic smoke.
Erika Poremski was at home with her 8-month-old baby girl. She only left the baby alone for a couple of minutes while she went grab something from her car, but when she got back, she saw that her entire home was on fire.
The baby girl and the family’s dog Polo were trapped inside. As firefighter rushed at the scene, Erika was desperately trying to get her precious baby and dog out. The woman could hear the baby crying but there was no way Erika could get her out.
When firefighters finally came, they found little baby Viviana and Polo the dog and came across a startling scene. You see, Polo had actually used his own body to shield the baby from the flames taking over every inch of the room.
The dog stayed with the baby the whole time in the bedroom and didn’t even go downstairs. Because of it, the baby only had burns on her side and has a much better chance of making a faster recovery.
Here are more details about this incredible story:

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