Crowd jams to street performer singing Bob Marley, then business woman steals the show

Taking time from your busy day to stop and listen to a street performance is somewhat of a gamble. It can either turn out to be a memorable experience or a complete waste of time. You just never know…
Well, the street performer in the video below is definitely the kind worth stopping for. As you can see from the clip, the man always managed to draw in quite the crowd. People are usually surprised as they listen to him sing and realize that not all great performances take place on a professional stage.
However, on this particular occasion, the street performer was the one being surprised. The man was getting ready to perform an awesome rendition of a Bob Marley song, when all of the sudden, someone from the audience decided she wants to join him.
Dressed in a professional business suit, the woman is happy singing from the side at first. But her voice didn’t go unnoticed, and just seconds later, the woman was invited to take the lead on the song!
The result? An extraordinary duet that will take your breath away! This is the coolest thing you’ll see today! Make sure to spread the joy.

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