Bus Driver Spots Student Seconds from Committing Suicide, Stops Her with 1 Heartfelt Question.

Sometimes, being at the right place, at the right time, and listening to your intuition is enough to be a hero and save a life. It all started as a normal day for Darnell Barton, a bus driver in Buffalo, NY. He headed out to work, got in his bus and began to pick up passengers along his route. Like he always does.
But at one point, he noticed something strange down the road. His gut told him that he shouldn’t ignore the situation. And as the man took a closer look and drove the bus over the bridge, he was shocked to see a woman over the guardrail.
The young woman had climb up there and was just standing there, looking at the cars speeding below the bridge. She had an extreme sadness in her eyes, and it became obvious to Darnell that the reason she was up there was to put an end to her life.
But, right then and there, the man decided he wouldn’t let that happen and that he was going to do something to help her. His next actions were what ultimately saved that young woman’s life.
Watch the video below to get the full story.


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