Cat Hoodie with Kangaroo Pouch Lets You Take Your Cat Wherever You Go (Summer Edition)

Cat owners are known to get pretty intense when it comes to making sure their feline cat is as happy as can be. I mean, cat owners will often rather sacrifice their own comfort if that would mean their cat is happier. If you’re a cat owner, you know what I’m talking about. How many times have you slept without a cover just because your cat fell asleep on your cover next to you, and you just didn’t find it in your heart to wake her/him up?
A company in Japan, the unofficial cat country, has designed a hoodie especially for cat owners who like to take their cats everywhere they go. The Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie is the most recent must-have garment for cat lovers. The hoodie has kangaroo-like pouch that cat owners can use to carry their feline friends around with them.
The hoodie has pom-poms attached to the cords that will ensure you cat won’t get bored while on the go. You don’t even have to worry if your cat is a bit overweight, as one of these hoodies can hold up to 15 pounds.
If you want one, they are available for purchase on Amazon.

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