How to comfort a sad dog

Dogs and children are a match made in heaven. Despite what some people might think, growing up with a dog has plenty of benefits. A dog can enhance the life of any family and help children turn into more confident and more empathic individuals
The relationship between children and their pets is special and comforting. Studies have often showed that children who grow up having a pet in the house are more likely to develop social skills a lot faster. They also learn nurturing skills, as well as showing a more caring attitude. Moreover, these kids often have higher levels of self-esteem and are more likely to thrive in social environments.
Still, many parents out there are afraid for their children’s safety. As long as a dogs have lived in nurturing, loving environment and were brought up well by owners, the chances of them being aggressive are extremely low.
The relationship between a dog and a child is a beautiful thing. And if all this rambles hasn’t convinced you that this is true, we’re sure this video will. The clip shows a toddler comforting his dog while the pup appears to be having a sad moment. Take a look:

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