So Badly Hurt That Nobody Could Adopt Him. When He Eats His First Warm Meal? My Heart…

Animal shelters do a great job providing a temporary home for animals in need. However, they are not meant to keep animals forever. When shelters get overcrowded, the animals with the least chances to get adopter sometimes face a terrible fate. The statistics are disturbing, to say the least. Millions of dogs are killed each ear across the United States to free up space for other animals in need who are more likely to get adopted.
Rudy, the dog you see in the video below, was going to be just one more number in a statistic and become nothing but a memory. The dog had been severely neglected and abused, which made him be extremely uncomfortable around people. This dramatically decreased his chances to get adopted and finally be a part of a loving family. The dog was scheduled for euthanasia, but just hours before he was supposed to be put down, something incredible happened.
Luckily, a kindhearted woman fell in love with him and decided to give him a permanent home. Rudy was a little shy at first, but by receiving the love and attention he so desperately needed, he was able to thrive.
He is now an entirely different dog!

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