Bride and Groom Go to Say Vows, But Suddenly, Priest Tells Their Confused Parents to Stand Up

A wedding always comes with the promise of a new beginning. It’s a memorable event that comes with a lot of emotions and excitement for everyone involved.
Now, it’s definitely not uncommon for the parents of the bride and groom to be involved in the wedding, but the couple in the video below took things to a whole new level during their big day.
Drew and Gina wanted to make sure their wedding day will be a day their parents will always remember, a day that would remind them that love has no age, and no boundaries. So they planned a surprise that will most likely put you to tears.
After they got their moment and their parents watched them tying the know, the bride and groom stood to the side to make room for their moms and dads. Drew’s parents had been married for 34 years, while Gina’s parents were going on their 38th year of marriage.
Because they both learned so much about the true meaning of love in a marriage from their parents, Drew and Gina wanted to give them a chance take advantage of the beautiful setting to renew their vows.
It was all caught on video.

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