Cat Owner Buys a Brand-New Foot Warmer, Then Sees 4 Little Paws Sticking Out

If you’ve ever had a cat, then you know how creative they can get when it comes to using common items around the home for their personal use and comfort. They also like to tail their owner wherever they go. I remember my cat used to sleep in the pocket of my robe while I was doing the dishes as a kitten.
It’s one of the many charming things that come along with being a cat owner. You’ll just never know what crazy thing a cat is going to do next, so all you can do is sit back and enjoy being a part of the ride.
The owner of the cats in the video below, for instance, was surprised to find out the brand new foot warmer he had bought for his family got the feline’s attention. One night, after he had plugged the device in to get in nice and warm, the man was very excited to test the foot warmer out, but he was quick to realize he couldn’t.
That’s because his lazy cats had decided that the device could be better used as a cozy bed for them. Although he was pretty bumped up about not being able to use the foot warmer only for himself, the owner decided to make the most out of the situation he was in and snap some cute photos of his cats in their new bed.
And the images turned out adorable! These cats definitely have a lot of personality.You’ll understand why their owners didn’t even think about bothering them once you take a look at these pictures:

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