Baby Starts Arguing with Dog. Pup’s Comeback Has the Internet in Laughter

Even the best of friends argue from time to time, right? But when those two friends getting in an argument are an adorable baby and a grumpy little dog, the results are hilarious and highly entertaining.
There is no way of knowing what started the argument captured in this clip, but judging by the pup’s serious face, it was something pretty important. Maybe the baby stole one of the dog’s toys and didn’t want to bring it back, or maybe the pup just got jealous on all the attention the baby is getting.
Whatever the reason might have been, both the baby girl and the pup were clearly unhappy about something and they were determined to get in an argument to make their own feelings known. Luckily, mom was able to capture the entire interaction between them two on video, and later shared the clip online.
The dog’s hilarious reactions combined with the baby’s confused expressions turned this into a viral clip that will definitely put a smile on your face.
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