Woman Drives 2,600 Miles to Rescue a Husky with Crooked Smile People Called ‘Too Ugly’

Driven by compassion, a woman embarked on a remarkable 2600-mile journey to adopt a dog who had been unjustly overlooked at a shelter due to his appearance. Harvey, a husky, had spent over six months languishing at the San Diego Department of Animal Services when Sherry Lankston stumbled upon a post about him.

The moment Sherry laid eyes on Harvey’s endearing and goofy smile, she was instantly captivated. She exclaimed to her husband that she had found their second dog, as they had been considering adding a companion for their beloved canine, River, who yearned for a furry friend.

Sherry discovered from the post that people would pass by Harvey at the shelter, cruelly labeling him as “ugly.”

Joy Ollinger, a lieutenant with the San Diego Department of Animal Services, shared, “I actually heard people saying he was ugly because of his facial deformity. And then, during his entire stay, no one expressed interest in interacting with him or considering adoption. Not a single request throughout his entire stay.”

Sherry was astounded that no one had wanted to meet Harvey, but she knew deep within her heart that she was meant to be his savior. Determined to bring him home, she devised a plan and, accompanied by her family, embarked on a long journey from Seattle to California to welcome Harvey into their lives. Now, Harvey resides in a loving household, surrounded by six other cherished pets, including one dog, four cats, and even a snail. Some may have called Sherry “crazy” for traveling such a great distance to adopt a homeless dog, but she firmly believes that Harvey is worth every mile.

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