Rescue Dog with Troubled Past Goes from Traumatized to Saving Thousands of Lives

Asher’s journey is one of resilience, having endured a turbulent existence as he was passed from one home to another, subjected to untold trauma along the way. However, today, his purpose is to save countless lives. When Claire Guest stepped in to rescue Asher, it was evident that the spaniel bore the deep scars of a traumatic past. Multiple unsuccessful rehomings had left him prone to running away, and his harrowing experiences had instilled a profound fear that manifested in various behavioral issues.

Yet, through dedicated training and unwavering patience, Asher found his calling as a vital member of the Medical Detection Dogs charity, working alongside Claire Guest. Transformed into an extraordinary Bio Detection Dog, Asher employs his remarkable sense of smell to detect human diseases. Dogs possess the remarkable ability to assist researchers and doctors in swiftly and non-invasively diagnosing individuals. Claire testifies that Asher consistently wags his tail with excitement as he goes about his noble work.

Astoundingly, Asher achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first dog to identify the distinctive odor associated with COVID-19 for researchers. Asher’s contributions are undeniably life-saving, as he continues to make a remarkable impact in the field.

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