This Smart Dog Fetches Cold Beer Every Time He Hears ‘I’m Parched’

The person in this video clearly has a furry genius for a best friend. Whenever Bandit the Australian cattle hears that his owner needs a drink, he scampers to the fridge, opens it, removes a pre-koozied longneck, then hustles it over.

With the simple-but-stern command of “I’m parched,” the distinguished canine in question scoots off toward the other end of the kitchen, finagles the fridge door open, pulls out a frosty brew, remembers to close the door (global warming and all that), and then trots back to his canny master to hand over the goods. This is one of the most smart dogs we-ve ever saw!

The clip has garnered almost 600,000 views since being uploaded by Josh Ace on Oct. 26.

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