This HUGE animal has a STRANGE passion! You have never such a thing BEFORE!

Who ever thought that a lion can not become a footballer, has not yet seen the protagonist of these images. The video proves that even the king of beasts can not stand aside when he sees a football. At times when he is very bored and apathetic, it’s enough to receive a soccer ball and the fun begins! At the Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa, lives Triton, a lion who is crazy about football. He was born here 11 years ago and when he started to play with the round ball he became the attraction for all tourists passing through the area.
He is so keen to play with the ball, that he refuses even the company of seven lionesses who live in the same habitat with him. It is enough to throw him a football and he will run. Even when the ball reaches the water he does not stop, but dives to recover his favorite toy. If you plan a business trip or a vacation in South Africa, don’t miss Triton’s show!

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