A text message killed her in a deadly crash. When I saw what it said, I was speechless.

Do you text and drive? It’s harmless, right? I mean you can surely focus on the road and text your friends all at the same time. Wrong. A single moment in which you are not paying attention to the road can have deadly consequences.
Two. That’s the number of seconds a driver can safely look away from the road while driving. We all know it takes more than that to read or send a text.
There have been many campaigns over the years that were meant to make people acknowledge the dangers of texting behind the wheel and promote safe driving. But perhaps this one by AT&T entitled “The Last Text” is the most powerful one.
The campaign was launched back in 2011, but its message is as relevant today as it was back then. The campaign was meant to educate drivers about the dangers of texting while driving. It featured people who have experienced excruciating moments and whose lives changed forever due to a single text.
These individuals were brave enough to share their incredible stories in hopes of helping people understand that it’s more than a text. Texting while driving puts your life and the lives of other people in traffic at risk.

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